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Welcome to Lazy Arrow Adventures Family Guest Ranch

About Lazy Arrow Natural Meats

Proudly Serving your Family

We are proud to offer our ranch, pasture raised all-natural meat.  Our beef and pork are raised humanely on the rolling pastures of the Camatta Ranch on the Central Coast of California.  The animals are never subject to confined pens of feed lots.  Our meat is healthy for our family and yours, never given antibiotics or hormones.  It is available as we have supply.


Natural Beef

Enjoy our all natural beef raised humanely on the rolling pastures of the Camatta Ranch.  They are never in confined pens of a feed lot and are never given antibiotics or hormones.  Supplies are limited.


Mangalista Pigs

Mangalista Pigs are raised 100% on pasture in the most natural setting with supplements of natural rolled barley, acorns and produce from our heirloom garden.  Our pigs are never fed conventional pig feed.  Supplies are not guarenteed due to the nature of our small family owned and operated business.

Our Ranch Raised Beef and Pork


Angus Beef

Our family has been raising Cattle for 6 generations. We call the expansive 50 square mile, Camatta Ranch home. The rolling hills of our ranch have been a Cattle ranch since 1846. The unique feed in Eastern San Luis Obispo county is full of Rye Grass and filaree, both amazing cattle feed. Our cattle go from grazing on these hills, never spending any time in a feed lot, directly to our consumers. We raise 100% black Angus which is highly rated for it's marbling and flavor. Studies have shown that grass fed and finished, pasture raised cattle contain up to five times as much omega-3 and twice as much CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) which aids in burning fat. The beef that we feed our family is what we offer for sale to your family.

Mangalitsa Pork

Our pigs are a heritage breed from Hungary, where the Austrian and Hungarian Royalty prized their meat for it's flavor and the the white fat that could be rendered and used in baking. Mangalitsa pork is compared to the "Kobe Beef" of the pork industry. These pigs are raised in large pastures and are fed, alfalfa, whey, barley and hand collected acorns. Because they are never fed conventional pig feed they retain more of the healthy omega 3 fat.