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Lazy Arrow Adventures is a dream come true to the Morrison Family. When Mark Morrison was a young boy he dreamed of collecting exotic hoof stock and giving them a natural habitat. When he turned 18 year of age, his dream became a reality! He started with just a pair of buffalo and today Lazy Arrow LLC has over 250 exotic animals. Lazy Arrow on the Camatta Ranch opened up for tours over 21 years ago, and has grown to included camping, guest houses, ranch life tours, Music stage, Weddings, Cowboy action shooting and many other outdoor activities. The Lazy Arrow is home to Mark and Felicia Morrison, and their children Haustin, Garrett, Emilee, Tanna and their grand daughter Rainee. The Morrison family opened up Lazy Arrow Outdoor Adventures so that others could share in their wholesome and peaceful way of life.

To find out more about how you can be apart of the Lazy Arrow Outdoor Adventures, explore our website and fill out the Contact Information form below to set up your next ranch adventure. We will be waiting for you.